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The Path

The Path is a group of leaders, volunteers, and supporters who give monthly and are passionate about building relationships with those we encounter every day while meeting their basic needs.

Your monthly gift paves the way to providing food for the hungry, school supplies and uniforms for children, and homes to those who have lost everything. It is through these relationships that we can meet both physical and spiritual needs. Because of people like you joining together for a united purpose, giving unselfishly, and giving hope that does not disappoint, together, we can change the Path of so many lives.

the relationship is the path

How will you get there?

Our shared vision is to meet people where they are, sharing the love of Christ and giving them hope that does not disappoint. We accomplish this through building relationships within our communities. There are countless opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life, from providing tomato plants for a sustainable food source or paper and pencils for school. It is up to you to choose your journey.

Your monthly gift

Feeds families

your monthly gift

Educates children

your monthly gift

Provides shelter

Why give Monthly?

for the donor

  • IT’S CONVENIENT – You set up our recurring monthly gift based on your schedule and within your budget.
  • IT’S FLEXIBLE – You can modify your monthly gift at any time by contacting Rice+Beans Ministries.
  • IT’S EFFECTIVE – Your monthly gift serves as a guaranteed funding stream. It allows Rice+ Beans Ministries to meet the immediate and long-term needs in the communities we serve.
  • IT’S A GIVING COMMUNITY – By choose to be a part of THE PATH, you join a group of supporters as invested in this ministry as you are. It allows you to stay connected with Rice+Beans Ministries and know where your monthly gift is spent. Together we can build relationships and provide hope that does not disappoint.
for the ministry

  • IT’S A PLANNING TOOL – Recurring monthly gifts make it easier for Rice+Beans Ministries to budget for short-term and long-term needs.
  • IT’S SUSTAINABLE – Your recurring gift supports Rice+Beans Ministries. It allows us to have an ongoing sustainable impact on the communities we serve.
  • IT’S COST-EFFECTIVE – Since monthly gifts are set up on an automatic recurring schedule, these donations process more efficiently. Rice+Beans Ministries can use the time saved to focus on other areas of the ministry.
  • IT’S A WAY TO STAY CONNECTED – Rice+Beans Ministries stays connected with our recurring donors. We want to share with you what your financial impact has made on so many lives. Lives are changed because of You!
choose the path


The Path

Feeds Families

Poverty levels are on the rise across the globe. Due to circumstances beyond their control, families are struggling to provide food. The poorest of families do not even have enough income to purchase just one basic food basket. This is where you can help. By giving monthly, you help overcome this unnecessary suffering by ensuring RABMIN has the financial resources to provide food bags and vegetable plants (through Gardens of Hope)  to those who are hungry and are without the resources to purchase food on their own. 


  • $12 per month buys a bag of rice and beans for a family
  • $25 per month feeds a family of four for a week
  • $50 per month purchases seeds and fertilizer for the Gardens of Hope gardens
  • $100 per month helps to pay for the water and electricity to sustain the Gardens of Hope gardens
The Path

Educates Children

Every child should have the opportunity to receive an education. Children all over the world face daily obstacles preventing some from attending school. From the lack of required schools supplies and uniforms to constant bullying by their peers, these children need our help. With your help, we want to remove these obstacles. Your monthly gift may provide the resources to purchase school supplies and uniforms or organize afterschool anti-bullying programs. Together we can change the path of so many children and give them the opportunity for a better future.


  • $12 per month provides school supplies for a child to attend school
  • $25 per month provides teachers with supplies for their classrooms
  • $50 per month provides a child the uniform required to attend school
  • $100 per month may be used to organize afterschool anti-bullying programs
The path

Provides Shelter

We often encounter families living in unimaginable conditions. Their living situations may be the result of life circumstances or natural disasters. Whatever the cause, we want to make a difference. With your help, we can restore hope to so many. From rebuilding a home destroyed by fire, flood, or hurricane, leaving a family homeless with no place to live, to helping someone with disabilities to make their homes more accessible and life a little bit easier. Together we can provide the refuge these people need.


  • $12 per month provides nails to be used on a building project
  • $25 per month provides a tarp to temporarily cover a roof damaged by a storm
  • $50 per month  replaces a window or door that is rotten or damaged
  • $100 per month provides lumber for updates/remodels to a  home to make it more assessible

Are you ready to make a difference and change the lives of so many?

“I encourage people all the time to consider RABMIN and getting involved. Most people really want to make a difference in a simple way. This is it!”

Sheila - Mississippi (Long-time supporter and volunteer)
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