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2020 was quite a year, and you can help us finish strong. Despite a pandemic, canceled mission trips, and continued uncertainties, God has been faithful throughout the year, and it is time we finish the goals we set at the beginning.

Back at it

Building and Growing

What we are doing

We are finishing buildings on campus for dorms and community centers, as well as containing the growth of our new campaigns to aid our communities. This year brought us new opportunities to serve our neighbors such as Gardens of Hope and Think Inside the Box. We look forward to growing these in the years to come.

A letter from our Executive Director

To our supporters,

On January 1, 2020, Rice and Beans Ministries prayed a bold prayer. We wanted to focus on listening to what the Lord was asking of us—how we might always be challenged to be more faithful. Our desire was to be different in this new year. In the early days of the new year, we could not know how important that prayer would be.

In March our first group canceled because of the pandemic. Eventually, every group for 2020 canceled. We were still able to take the food we had purchased for the teams into the community. The people were in fear of the unknown but felt comfort knowing they were loved and had hope in Jesus this would pass.

I knew the Lord would protect our ministry as we listened to how we could be different in this new situation. We had no debt so being so we sought to maintain the basics of our ministry— our team, insurance, utilities, and our house. We decided not to continue construction, instead focusing on the needs around us. The needs were great as 33% of the workforce lost their jobs when the tourism industry closed.

We listened and God directed us to grow a garden. We started the Gardens of Hope with just a few seeds planted in paper coffee cups. The 2.5-acre garden provided fresh vegetables and plants for the local communities we serve. Our team learned gardening, canning, and processing food for storage.

This fall, Rice and Beans Ministries launched an opportunity for people to be involved in the lives of children with a small box of gifts for Christmas. We call it Think Inside the Box. Churches and individuals have packed 1800 boxes for children. The boxes will ship to Costa Rica on November 18.

We are grateful for the support of faithful donors who have allowed us to make it this far. Because of your gifts, we have been able to continue to serve and love during this time of uncertainty. We know the road ahead, though, will not be easy. Our first teams are not scheduled to arrive until June 2021.

Our faithful donors have kept us serving and loving during this time of uncertainty. Here’s how you can help us in these last weeks of 2020:

  • Pray. Pray for our work. Pray for our team. Pray for the future of Rice and Beans Ministries. Pray that we might be different so we can meet the needs around us.
  • Give. Your gifts allow us to support our team members, continue the Gardens of Hope, and restart the construction of our dining and worship space in 2021. We need $300,000.00 to finish what we started in 2019.

I lost my youngest son on December 14, 2019. I miss him every day. Jared’s last words to me were, “Hey Pops, go live love because you know love. But most important know you are loved by the way that you live.” My prayer is that all of us will live love because we know love regardless of the obstacles in our path.

Fred W. Curry Jr.

#livelove #knowlove

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