The relationship is the path.

The food is how we get there.

Costa Rica

Where it all began. Costa Rica is home to great beauty and even greater needs. RABMIN focuses efforts here on educational resources, providing stable meals, building/upgrading communities, and the ministry.


Communities in the Rio De Janeiro area, Araruama, Acari, and Jardim Gramacho benefit from RABMIN programs. Our focus in this region is on Community Outreach, Anti-Bullying, and Food for Families.

United States

While America is home to many of our supporters, it will also be home to future efforts of RABMIN. After natural disasters have passed, leaving many long-term needs to be met, RABMIN will be there to assist those affected.


Food, Faith, Shelter, and Education

Our shared vision is to meet people where they are, sharing the love of Christ, and giving them hope that does not disappoint.
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Feeding Families

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Educating Children

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Repair & Rebuild

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Featured Campaigns

Go Live Love Gifts

Rice and Beans Ministries is dedicated to providing hope and joy to the children of Costa Rica, Brazil, and United States. With your help the Go Live Love gifts campaign, provides these children with a backpack filled with small toys, creative items such as crayons and coloring books, and personal care essentials. Are you interested in spreading hope and love to the children in these areas? 

Through Erase the Need campaign, we want to provide Hope for a successful future. One of the obstacles often faced by those living in rural, impoverished areas is the lack of school supplies. Hope, to a child, might be a gift box filled with surprises or even a uniform to wear to school. Most times, it is the simplest of gestures that are the most impactful.

Join us in equipping children with the tools for a successful future!

Let's Finish What We Started

Early into 2020, we put our building projects on pause in order to care for our communities during a time of need we had never experienced before. We were blessed with the opportunity to create sustainable programs to care for this, so let’s finish what we started.

Rice and Beans Ministries has always worked to overcome a persistent obstacle in Costa Rica – hungry communities with a lack of food. We faced this issue head on with door to door food deliveries, food drives, and more. During this year, this obstacle grown more than we ever expected. Gardens of Hope is our chance to overcome that obstacle in a sustainable way while using it as a ministry opportunity.

“God transcends a level of communication and love is one thing that is always easily expressed."

Taylor, Mississippi (2nd year serving)

How we help

We Invest in Three Key Areas

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